Women Who Overcome Reaching The Nations For God

Reaching out to broken hearts & wounded spirits around the world

Revelation 12:11 – They had power over him and won because of the blood of the Lamb and by telling what He had done for them. They did not love their lives but were willing to die.

Women Who Overcome (WWO) is a ministry wanting to share the word of God. Ministering in Spirit and truth. Women who have victory, ministering to the hurting, lonely, depressed and to women who are just desiring to achieve victory through Jesus.

Victory in our live comes when we have praise in our hearts, Jesus on our lips confessing His promises, standing on His truths, learning and growing in His word.

This ministry desires to make a difference. This ministry also wants to reach the lost as well as the found. Women Who Overcome desires to see healing come to the body, soul and spirit.

Isaiah 53

Please visit – www.womenwhoovercome.com