Soaking & Prayer Training

WHAT IT IS: Soaking is simply spending time in God’s Presence, rather than striving in prayer. It’s about resting in His Presence, experiencing Him and choosing to be intimate with Him. God desires that we would know Him. We were each created in His image, created with a need for relationship. God made it possible for each of us to have relationship with Him by sending His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. While we base our theology on the Bible, our experiences with God make the truth come alive in our lives. When we soak we focus on Him. Soaking puts us in a position where we are often more able to hear His voice and receive His love. It is also an opportunity for us to pour out our hearts to Him It’s about living in and enjoying an on-going relationship with our creator. As people have soaked in God’s Presence, they have experienced profound heart changes. Their marriages have been healed, their fears dispelled, depressions and sicknesses have left and lives have been transformed.

GOAL: Training and equipping the body, through teaching and practical advise. Training will be done as a workshop by: Shirley Beaver or someone that has been training by her ministry. You will enjoy soaking in the presence of your Heavenly Father and receiving from the Holy Spirit.

INSTRUCTOR: Shirley Beaver attended Soaking School training classes and was so ministered to that the LORD directed her to incorporate this into her ministry.

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