The Call Bible Training

Training Men & Women in Leadership & Bible Studies

Training students to succeed

Studies Include

  • Old and New Testament Studies
  • Restoration Beginners
  • A Wounded Spirit
  • Restoration Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
  • Character of Christ
  • Altar Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Forgiveness
  • Holy Spirit Ministries
  • Laying the Foundation
  • Nine Gifts
  • Selah Worship Song of the Lord
  • Tongues and Interpretation
  • Iniquity
  • Personal Prophecy
  • Negative and Positive Character of the Prophet
  • Rhema Word or Logos
  • Prophecy from the Spirit of Christ
  • Dreams
  • Visions
  • Ministering to the Jewish – Jesus the Messiah
  • And more studies ….

All students will receive a non-accredited Diploma after completion of all studies.

The Call Bible Training – A ministry of Shirley Beaver

Training is in six districts of Uganda Africa at this time/ updated 2018

Non- accredited means this is not associated with credits for your theological studies. If you would like more information about The Call Bible Training please contact us.

The Call Bible Training is not part of the ministry of Prophetic Training Centers International.

Excerpt from Holy Spirit Ministries Manual (Teaching by Shirley Beaver)

Why Prophetic Training is needed.

Ministers that are called to be a prophet or a prophetess should take the word of God as an example, when they are speaking the word of the Lord. Ministers or anyone speaking the word of the Lord should always compare the word spoken to the word in the Bible.

Don’t draw attention to yourself don’t talk about ME. Speak only what the Lord is telling you. Don’t add to it or take away from it. Don’t act like you’re an Old Testament Prophet. Don’t judge or bring condemnation upon God’s people. Don’t raise your voice its not necessary unless you are in an assembly and you need to raise your voice to be heard. God doesn’t yell.

When people speak condemning hard words to a group and feel that they must straiten out the Church (body of Christ) and speak with no love or compassion and don’t bring hope. I feel they have been misled by their own belief’s to do something God has not said to do. Maybe it’s the Spirit of religion? The Holy Spirit does call Prophets to bring correction but also direction God doesn’t just correct he also directs and he leads. Jesus came to bring us an example we could follow.

Even immature ministers are called by God to be used in their Prophetic gifts (called to prophesy) but sometimes because of their immaturity they make so many mistakes. Prophetic ministers need mentors to train them. Without the proper training they often speaks things out of Gods timing, it’s as if their trying to birth something that there Spirit isn’t ready to release. Zeal can cause failure. Being over zealous can cause great disappointments to the speaker as well as the hearer. Ministers make things happen for different reasons immature, recognition, I’m qualified, I’m as good as you, jealousy, envy, competition, etc. The word says your gift will make room for you and believe me when its your time God will put someone in your path to recognize your gift. When it’s not your time and you’re trying to make it happen you will offend others and appear to be pushy. Immature prophets need mature mentors to train them how to get through the years of getting prepared so they wont get hurt by people that take an offense at them.

Proverbs 18:16. A man’s gift maketh room for him, And bringeth him before great men.

Gift: 7337 Hebrew, room, to broaden, to enlarge, to make wide.

4976 from 5414 Hebrew, Gift, is ordained by God, your gift can make you submit, yield and suffer. (etc.)